Million Dollar Facial

A thoroughly fantastic facial (in my opinion!) The benefit to your skin is worth every minute of your time and also every penny, and quite often you’ll see results immediately.

So what actually happens in The Million Dollar Facial?

First I’ll do a thorough consultation to check you’re not contra-indicated – this treatment does involve skin piercing, so there are some conditions that may stop you from having the treatment.

Then I’ll thoroughly cleanse, and tone with the Million Dollar product range and this is followed by a full Dermaplane treatment, to remove 3-4 weeks of dead skin cells, and all that annoying peach fuzz, fine fluffy hair. Next comes a lymphatic drainage massage, to stimulate the removal of toxins. Microneedling is the next part of this treatment, following the application of the million dollar serum, I use the derma-roller to create small pinprick wounds in the skin, and also to create an intense reddening on the skin. This results in increased collagen production and greater absorption of any following products. Finally, the Million Dollar Mask is applied to introduce hyaluronic acid into the skin.

It’s an intense aesthetic facial – so it does come with some important aftercare advice. Check our care sheet here.

Book one every 4 weeks for super skin!