So, a little bit of A & P (anatomy and physiology) for you before we start.

There are five layers in the epidermis, that’s the uppermost layer of the skin, and it takes around 30 days for the beautiful plump baby cells at the bottom to travel up the top where they are quite frankly a bit old, and dry and hardened.

It’s important to keep on top of this, so our skin looks refreshed and young looking.  As time goes on our skins need that extra help to improve cell renewal, so that is the number one reason for having a facial – to improve cell turnover.

So here are the first 5, come back next week for the final 5 reasons to get that Facial!

  • Improve cell turnover
  • Boost blood and lymphatic circulation – this removes all the nasty toxins and replaces them with all the great new blood and nutrients from your diet and skincare routine.
  • Improves your skin colour and tone – an hour of intense therapy on the skin does wonders for the skin colour and tone, you’ll come out with, well, messy hair, but a gorgeous glow in your cheeks.
  • Hydration!! – Using high grade essential oils and plant extracts in my products guarantees a boost to moisture levels, this will smooth out those fine lines!
  • Exfoliation – sometimes you just need a good scrub! I use a gorgeous honey and orange scrub,suitable for all skin types. So good for the skin, a scrub will remove old dead skin cells, brighten your skin and unblock pores. This means that any thing you put in your skin after exfoliation will have a much better effect.

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