In part one of our two-part series we identified why you should get a facial, here’s 5 more reasons to visit Clare Fluin Beauty and get that facial…

  • Relaxation – I start with a mini foot treatment, then move onto the facial which includes a face,neck shoulder and scalp massage. You also have a hand and arm massage …… Basically that’s 50% of the body covered!! Put that with soothing music, inviting aromas of essential oils, and my warm tranquil treatment room, and trust me you’ll be relaxed!
  • Heat – all my facials include a hot towel which is super beneficial for your skin. It warms the muscles ready for the massage and it relaxes the skin and pores so that they can easily be released and cleaned.
  • That feeling of increased self esteem and well being – if you ask me, this one should have the number one slot, an absolute beauty of a benefit, not to be under estimated.
  • One hour to yourself!! Very very important to re-energise, re-connect and be mindful in this crazy busy world we live in.
  • A prescribed skincare consultation, if you like I’ll recommend all the correct products from Neal’s Yard and design a skincare plan especially for you.

Offer, only £30 for the Easter season, finishing on April 11th 2016 quote CFBMARCH16