Intro to Clare Fluin Beauty

I can’t actually believe it, but I’ve been working in beauty therapy for 25 actual real life human years!! If you’re interested, my experience includes salons, health farms, Steiner cruise ships, managing a beauty counter in a department store (now that was fun!!), teaching beauty at a F.E college, and working freelance creating wedding make ups for the beautiful brides of North Cornwall.

Rest assured, beauty is all I know, all I’ve ever worked in (although, I did work in a couple of take away pizza shops when I was 16, you never forget those skills, you know!

Anyway, the years have passed, and I’m all grown up with a husband and two lovely little ones to run my life around, I’ve decided to use all that valuable experience and work from home, doing things exactly the way my clients and I want!!

My “shed” in our garden has been transformed into a tranquil place for the lovely ladies near and far to visit and be pampered.  Clare Fluin Beauty